A Tour to Bernauer straße Berlin – تاریخچه دیوار برلین: سفری در جاده برناور

In 1961, the Berlin Wall was built, dividing the city into East and West Berlin. Until the fall of the Wall in 1989, it prevented people from the eastern German Democratic Republic (GDR) from fleeing to the West. Bernauer Straße was one of the focal points of German division. The range of consequences of the Wall’s construction can be exemplified here: The destruction of urban space and lifeways, the separation of family members and friends, and the attempts to overcome the Wall.

This tour at the Bernauer Straße demonstrates the history of the Berlin Wall and its consequences for the people and for Germany.

We ask that you register for the event by July 7th, 2023 via the following link: Registration link

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